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by Pool Builders on 05-01-2011 in Articles

It is summer and everyone's trying to beat the heat. The most popular way to cool off at this time of the year is by going to the beach. Some people are too far from it, though, that many opt for swimming pools. But what use are pools if you do not know how to swim? All the more, if you are near Austin, Texas, which is home to the world's most beautiful water ways and lakes. Fortunately there are Austin swimming lessons that can help a lot when it comes to building skills.

Swimming is not just a skill that is to merely for fun. It is actually a life-saving skill, too. Since drowning is a leading cause of death for children with ages 1 to 4 in the United States, it is important for children, and even their parents, to learn how to swim. Not only that they should learn how to swim, but parents should consider letting the children learn how to swim at a young age.

Swimming is also a health tool. It is the most complete exercise, offering both cardio and strength exercises. Cardio, since the heart gets pumped by having the body do a lot of aerobic activity by the kicks and strides. Strength, since the body gets resistance from the water when the body tries to part the waters when swimming.

Apart from being a cardio and strength exercise, swimming can also help asthmatics since it provides very good exercise for the lungs. Some people even say that their asthma attacks ceased when they took up swimming as their routine exercise.

Additionally, swimming has a lot of psychological benefits. Swimming can actually make one happy as certain levels of chemicals in the brain shoot up when one engages in physical activity. The cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of psychological development are also affected when swimming!

Swimming can also be a good way for mothers and children to bond this summer. Swimming can actually be taken up by kids as young as six months. This can actually more beneficial for the child because the skill is learned soon, and the child has not incurred any preconceived notions of danger that can hinder most students.

Of course, the first thing to remember when one is swimming is comfort. When one is comfortable, one can take lessons easier. It is also more fun!

With Austin having almost 7 square miles of water, swimming would be a very useful skill for the residents. Austin is also home to the oldest swimming pool in Texas: The Deep Eddy Pool. Austin is also home to the Barton Springs Pool, the largest natural swimming pool located in an urban area. To enjoy these historical landmarks, one should know how to swim well. Not only that, Austin is home to at least fifty public pools!

It's a good thing that there are Austin swimming lessons in good swim schools that can guide and teach young children on how to swim well and correctly in order for them to enjoy and have fun, especially this summer.

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