Swimming Lessons For Adults - Kids Shouldn't Have All the Fun!

by Pool Builders on 02-07-2011 in Articles

How many times do we say to ourselves I wish I had learned how to do this? Well it is never too late to learn anything especially a skill like swimming. Swimming has so many wonderful benefits for our bodies in addition to a must know for safety. Did you know that swimming has the least amount of impact on your body and it uses all of your muscles at the same time. Cardio in a pool is much different then running a mile for cardio exercise. At our school we have had trainers, runners and very well fit individuals who can't swim a few laps but on the ground they are amazing. That is because swimming is a total different type of cardio as it burns more fat and uses all of the muscles at the same time.

As exercise is an important reason to learn to swim safety is the first. An adult can drown as easily as a child can without the proper skills. In our state of Florida we have canals, lakes and some are on the side of major roads. What would happen if your car went off the road and you could not swim. Most adults who don't swim either never had the opportunity to learn or had a trauma as a child which inevitably turned into a fear that was never addressed.

Teaching the hall of famer Ändre Dawson how to swim at age 50 and conquer his fear of the water was very rewarding as an aquatic expert. He loved being in the pool knowing the proper procedures to take to overcome his fear. His desire to learn has lead him on a drowning prevention awareness mission. He hopes that his story helps other's conquer the fear of the water and makes parents aware of the importance of their children being safe in and around the pool.

Swimming is a skill and a social outlet that every parent/adult should invest themselves into. We like to be with our kids and to be able to swim with them for fun and exercise is an amazing experience. Fear is conquered by doing something that you are afraid of over and over again knowing that each time it gets easier. With the right instructor who understands your fear and the proper way to teach can make the experience a wonderful learning time in the pool. The water is empowering, relaxing and the best type of exercise with the least amount of trauma to your body. We have had so many adults who have taken lessons say they wish they would have done this years ago. May it your goal to learn to swim this year and have a water safe day....

Expert in Adult Swimming Lessons Marlene Bloom from Baby Otter Swim School

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