Swimming Lessons For Babies Will Greatly Boost Your Child’S Motor Skills And Self-Esteem  

by Pool Builders on 08-12-2012 in Articles

There are many different ways swimming lessons for babies will benefit your child. The primary benefit is so they can learn what could be potentially life-saving water safety skills in the event of an emergency. However, there are a lot of other benefits besides just not having to build a fence around your pool. Studies have shown that children who learn how to swim between the ages of six months - the earliest age that swimming lessons for babies are offered - and twelve months, have a huge head start on their peers not only when it comes to developing their fine motor skills, but also benefit the child's emotional and mental development.
Children who learn to swim when they are young will grow up feeling much more confident and self-assured than other children, which will also make them more well-adjusted and happier. Baby swimming will encourage having self-esteem as well as increased concentration and alertness. Your child will also be able to learn more quickly in school once the doors of learning have been opened with swimming.
Child Development Improvements Have Been Well Documented
Children obviously improve their physical development when they swim, but they also begin to develop emotional and social skills much earlier than you normally see with landlocked babies. These improvements have been noted by researchers who have studied children who learned how to swim before their first birthday. However, it is important to have realistic expectations. Your child will not change overnight. Like all skills, baby swimming will require a huge investment of not just time, but patience to really see the lessons pay off. Repetition and practice are also important. Your child will not turn into Michael Phelps the second they hit the water, but the more comfortable in it they become the more benefits of the lessons you will see. And since you are always with your child during the lessons, you will be able to form a very intense and strong bond with your child.
Swimming lessons are a great way to build a positive foundation in your child's life that will encourage them to keep pushing their boundaries and branching out into new challenges and not shy away from them as they grow older and develop more as a person. These lessons are often the first chance at socialisation for many children, and that will allow you to watch them form their first friendships.

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