Swimming Lessons For Children

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2010 in Articles

There are a few things you need to take into consideration when you are thinking of enrolling your child in swimming lessons. This article deals with a few tips that can make the whole process of your child learning to swim a truly enjoyable and fruitful experience for the child and you as well.

Some tips to remember:

o Finding the right swimming school for your child is the first thing you will have to take care of when enrolling him/her for swimming lessons. The swimming school should teach the correct techniques, have experienced teachers, have clean and well equipped premises and also the instructors should be friendly and willing to help.

o Don't choose a school based just on your convenience as different schools teach different techniques.

o Get the correct gear for your child as this will only help him/her swim better. You will require swimming costume, swim cap, swimming goggles and arm bands or floats to aid them when swimming.

o Make sure that the swim cap and goggles are not tight or uncomfortable as children will get irritated and start not liking swimming.

o Make sure your child does not eat at least two hours prior to the swimming class.

o Apply a good coat of sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 or ones specified for the child to protect them from the ill effects of the sun and chlorine.

o Make sure that there is no pressure on the child to perform well as this automatically becomes harder for them. Let them know that it is a fun activity and they can take it at their own pace.

o Say words of encouragement and show patience. Your child and the instructor will appreciate it.

o Make sure you always accompany your child for their swimming lessons for added security.

o Make sure that the child showers after a swim regardless of how clean the pool is.

o Make sure they get something to eat and drink after swimming. They will need replenishments.

o Enroll your child for swimming lessons in Bangkok when they have free time, like during holidays as then there is no pressure and it can be looked at as a fun activity and not homework.

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