Swimming Lessons For Kids - Choosing the Right Instructor

by Pool Builders on 11-23-2008 in Articles

Swimming is a great solution to keep your actives and now all you have to do is decide where to sign up and the type of instructor that should be taking care of their kids. This is a fact which is overlooked by most parents simply because they do not see it as a factor that should be weighed. Most parents look at the time of the lessons, the location of the instruction swimming pool and of course the overall price. They are leaving out the most important feature, choosing the right instructor to take care of their kids. They are no different from a babysitter, a tutor or a personal care specialist in the sense that your child's safety is directly in their hands and you must completely trust the person you are leaving your kids with. And since you are dealing with an environment with the potential of mishap, you are basically putting the life of your kids in a single persons hands.

No, I am not trying to scare you as most swimming instructors and known classes are thoroughly examined by governing bodies and have re assessment and life guard capabilities, both intermediate and advanced that ensure the safety of your kids. But there are other factors involved in this. You have to ensure that the comfortable with the environment and most importantly the instructor has to be able to connect with the kids. If your kids are at odds with the instructor, you will not be able to get the full benefits of the lesson.

The biggest thing that will make a good swimming is communication, communication is the turnkey to make your kid a great swimmer, and communication will allow your kid to listen to instructions properly. Also, talk to your instructor and determine whether they have a natural disposition with kids, they can tolerate them, understand them and communicate with them on the same level. Also, it would be wise to get an instructor that has a good history with dealing with kids, though I will not be taking away from instructors that have a wide experience with adults , I am sure that they are excellent instructors, but I know that some parents would prefer someone with experience teaching children.

Also, it seems that most of the instructors in this range are women, probably because of their natural disposition to children but let me say from the get go this is not a sexist commentary, it is just an observation and a culmination of feedback from many parents. In the end of the day, the argument stands. Do as much research as you possibly can on the instructor and the methods of teaching. You know your child best and will probably be able to predict whether personalities will collide or meld together smoothly. Also, one more tip would be to enroll your child in smaller classes, where there is more chance for individual attention. 4 - 6 kids is just about good. It might be more expensive, but you know your child is getting the attention he or she deserves. So for those considering swimming lessons for kids - the most important thing is choosing the right instructor.

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