Swimming Lessons - Why Should You Learn Swimming?

by Pool Builders on 10-02-2007 in Articles

Hate swimming lesson?

FACT: At least 14 people have drowned since January 2007 in Singapore. There were 42 drowning cases in 2004, 39 in 2005 and 23 last year, with 41 percent occurring at beaches or at sea.

You Have To Think Twice

  • Swimming lessons are vital part of the growing up of a child and can be an enjoyable & fun hobby once the child has built up the confidence to swim. By knowing how to swim, it helps young children to protect themselves from a dangerous environment in their early years and leads to a lifetime enjoyment of the water.
  • Swimming lessons aren't just for children. Some adults who have never learned to swim feel that they are too old to learn and become reluctant to take up swimming lessons. But learning to swim helps prepare any person for possible accidents in the water. For instance, if you and your family are in a boating accident, you want them to be able to swim to safety don't you?
  • Swimming is a good cardio exercise for losing weight. It's also good because you not only burn calories but also build muscle tone in your arms, legs, back, abs. The highest ratio for time performed:calories burned is for running, though. But swimming is a great alternative for people who don't like the high impact on the legs that running involves.
  • Swimming lessons and ultimately being able to swim brings many benefits. Once you feel safe & confident in the pool, you will be able to enjoy many other water sports such as wakeboarding or sailing perhaps during your free time or on your holiday.

So why are you waiting? Learn how to swim today! (Before it's too late)

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