Swimming Lessons and the Important Benefits to Older Children and Teenagers Who Participate in the Sport Regularly.  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

You are probably like most parents, keen for your children to participate in a sport after school. You know the importance of keeping them active. Today's children don't have the opportunity to play, run and ride their bikes outside without supervision. It's just not safe enough and you probably don't have the time to spend with them outdoors as you would like to. An option to keep them safe and active in all weather conditions is to enrol them inchildren's swimming lessons.

Important Life Skills Learned Through Regular Participation

Sporting activities after school are a wonderful way for older children and even teenagers to learn a range of life skills including self-discipline, self-motivation and teamwork. Swimming in particular is very useful in this age group as unlike team sports, children are competing against themselves for most of their practice activities and when they compete, unless they are in a relay team, they are likely to be focusing on improving their own performances and achieving a win for themselves.

Addressing the Challenges of the Preteen and Teen Years

The preteen and teen years produce their own set of challenges to a child's self-esteem and a child who is rewarded with success in a sporting activity that creates a sense of self-achievement in a child, can be an important step towards fostering self-confidence and an improved self-image. Research clearly shows that teenagers who are involved in extracurricular activities use recreational and illegal drugs less than their counterparts who engage in no out of school activities. Teenagers who participate in a regular sport are less likely to become obese, develop diabetes and are likely to be healthier and happier emotionally. Academically, children who participate in a regular sporting activity usually improve their school performance.

The Physical Benefits of Learning to Swim

Learning to swim well is a wonderful way of improving posture, balance and encouraging the development of strong muscles and bones. As an all weather sport, children do not have to play in inclement weather conditions and most pools are heated in the winter months. Families can participate by enrolling in swimming classes that are age appropriate and even members of the family who are physically or intellectually challenged can participate in lessons.

Children's swimming lessons can progress to competition and team sport and some children will diversify their love of swimming and move into lifesaving, water polo or diving activities as examples of other sports that rely on good swimming techniques to participate. The benefits of teaching a child to swim are far reaching.

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