Swimming Meditation - Underwater Bliss

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2010 in Articles

Underwater. The bubbles rise to the surface as you breathe out, lungs getting tighter and tighter. All you can hear is the beating of your heart. Boom boom. Boom boom. You look around with fogged goggles at the waves of the pool. The calm washes over you and you smile!

The joys of swimming! Think about the movements. The best part about swimming for meditation is that rhythm you get into. The stroke and breath rhythm eventually becomes like a moving meditation or walking meditation. Swim and focus on your stroke, and focus on left right left right breath rhythm (or any rhythm you have).

The exercise of swimming, since it is a meditative state, puts you into a state of calm for the rest of the day. Most days when I go swimming, the time spent coming back home afterwards is in a state of absolute calm and bliss. Any exercise can be used as mindfulness. Part of the reason for the rise of yoga is that yoga promotes mindfulness, and gets people out of their heads. This FEELS GOOD!

Here is how to feel mindful of swimming:

1. Next time you go swimming, really focus on the technique. If you don't have that great of technique, look into something like the Total Immersion swimming method book or DVD. This helps to cover the basics of how to be fast in the water.

2. When you are underwater, really listen to what is going on around you. The silence will be meditative.
3. As you begin to get into a rhythm of breathing and strokes together, notice this rhythm and think of it as a meditation. Breathing out slowly out of your nose until your lungs are empty, then coming up rhythmically for air? This slow breathing method (aside from the sharp intake of breath when coming up) is much like meditation.

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