Swimming Pool Alarms

by Pool Builders on 03-03-2011 in Articles

If you own a backyard pool you may not be aware that you can purchase a swimming pool alarm for it. You may be wondering why you would even need an alarm for your pool. The swimming pool alarm can alert you if something unexpected has gotten into the pool, like one of your children. A child can drown in just two inches of water. If your child falls into the pool he could be in danger even if he knows how to swim. If he falls in he could hit his head and become unconscious. If he is unconscious, knowing how to swim will not help him get out. These alarms are extremely beneficial when it comes to preventing tragedy because a fence alone is not sufficient enough.

Swimming pool alarms contain one or more sensors that are placed inside or next to the pool. Their purpose is to detect movement and is similar to the security system for your home. The alarm for the pool creates invisible sonar net below the surface of the water. When anything crosses over this shield, the alarm is then triggered.

When you are ready to purchase one of these alarms, you have many options to choose from. A perimeter alarm has sensors that are placed around the pool. If the perimeter is broken, the alarm will sound. Floating sensors can be placed directly in the pool, but are typically more expensive.

Wrist alarms are available for your children. Place the alarm on their wrist while they are outside playing, and if they fall into the pool the alarm will go off and you will be alerted to the danger. In order for a wrist alarm to work, the child must leave it on while he is out of the house. If your pool has a door or gate, you will want to purchase a door alarm. If the door is opened after the alarm has been activated, the alarm will sound.

The pool alarm that you choose will depend on the type of pool that you have. If you don't have a gate or door, you will not be in need of a door alarm. You will probably want to determine your budget before shopping for a swimming pool alarm. That way you will know ahead of time what you can afford. If you are not sure which alarm is best for you, visit different providers and discuss your alarm needs with them.

Even if you don't have children, a swimming pool alarm is still a good idea. It can complement your existing home security system and alert you if someone is lurking around outside when they shouldn't be. Accidents can also happen with adults who don't know how to swim or who have fallen into the pool. Cherished pets can have swimming pool accidents as well. It is better to be safe than sorry. A swimming pool alarm can give you peace of mind that you have made your swimming pool as safe as possible for your friends and loved ones.

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