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by Pool Builders on 11-07-2010 in Articles

Millions of families give garden parties every year, but pool parties are even better. You must have been to a pool bar in a hotel on holiday where one of the bars faces onto the water and there are chairs in the water, usually totally submerged so that the drinkers can sit at the bar in the water and enjoy their drink. Picture holding a party in your garden with a pool and an in-pool bar!

These bars are called pool bars or swim up bars and can be seen in hotels, holiday complexes and the gardens of the well-to-do and the skillful-with-their-hands.

It is uncertain whether anyone knows for sure where pool bars first appeared but they have been in the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain for a long time. I have also used them on cruise holidays.

The first alternative is to build, have built or buy pre-formed. Then you can select the style that you like. If you are going to buy a kit and have the vendors install it for you, then you only have to make an appointment and a week later, the bar will be complete. If, however, you are going to use a local contractor or do-it-yourself, you will require a drawing, plan or design.

You will be able to get plenty of hints from the Internet and you could download images of styles of pool bars that you like. You can download these pictures and print them off, but it is better to download them into a folder or onto a flash card or memory stick so that you have them all together and you can take them with you to confer with friends, family and professionals.

It should not have to be pointed out that all the materials used in your pool bar must be resistant to and totally unaffected by water and chlorine, which is especially corrosive. This usually leaves a choice of concrete, resin and stone.

Concrete being the cheapest and stone being the most expensive material to use. If you go for concrete, you can have it covered with ceramic tiles. if you pick the right ceramic tiles, it can look fairly dazzling or yo could select riven stone tiles which would be cheaper than solid stone or slate.

If you would like some kind of entertainment at the bar such as a TV or projector, this can be achieved despite the amount of water, but you will require to call in an expert in these matters.

Otherwise, you could only enclose the electronic devices in a box like a fish tank, but do not forget that electrical apparatus has to have ventilation, so you will need a few holes in the sides and a couple of fans driving air into the housing.

It is certainly not hard to construct your own in pool bar and it ought to be a priority if you already have a pool.

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