Swimming Pool Care - Easy Steps to Follow!

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2009 in Articles

Finding helpful swimming pool care tips can make owning your own swimming pool an even greater pleasure and ensure it is a safe and healthy environment for you, your family, and any friends who visit. These five tips will help you to maintain your pool and have peace of mind.

The first tip for good swimming pool care is to ensure the area around the pool is fenced, and is equipped with an alarm for unauthorized entry. This will help keep small children from getting into the pool on their own.

The next tip for good swimming pool care is to use a solar cover. These cost a little bit more upfront, but they can save you energy costs because they help keep your water warmer. They are energy-efficient, and since you want to use a cover anyways to keep debris from getting into the water, you can achieve both things at once. Swimming pool covers also prevent foreign elements from getting into your water from heavy rainstorms and wind.

Another helpful swimming pool care tip is to invest in a simple water testing kit, so that you can ensure your water balance is always maintained. These kits will allow you to test your water's chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels yourself. You don't need to hire professionals to maintain your water for you. Checking your swimming pool water's chemical balance each week will ensure a safe and healthy environment for anyone who uses your pool.

Proper swimming pool care also involves using a skimmer, brush, and vacuum. You want to remove any dirt and debris as soon as possible. Those items can carry harmful organisms such as bacteria, so you want to keep your water free of them. It is a good idea to brush and vacuum your pools floor, stairs and walls - and any other places that people might come into contact with - to keep them free of harmful organisms. Pay special attention to hard to reach places such as corners.

Adding shock to your pool's water on a regular basis is also a must for good swimming pool care. You should shock the water on a weekly basis, and more during periods of heavy use. Shock is a form of potent chlorine, and it will kill any bacteria in the water. You should also add algaecide on a weekly basis. Algae is an extremely difficult problem to get rid of, so it helps to add a little extra protection into your water.

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