Swimming Pool Chemical Maintenance - Keep Your Pool Safe and Clean

by Pool Builders on 04-29-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool chemical maintenance is a very important part of maintaining a safe and healthy swimming environment for you friends and family. It can be really frustrating trying to take care of your pool because of just how much work generally needs to go into it.

Outsourcing this work can become very expensive, and trying to make sure your chemical levels are balanced is a very time consuming process. Even then, mostly you're probably going off advice you've read online or heard from pool dealers, who definitely don't have your best interest at heart. After all, the more stuff they can sell you, the better for them.

It's extremely important to keep an eye on the levels of the chemicals in your pool. They are there to eliminate bacteria, viruses, algae and other environmental factors that affect an open water system such as swimming pools.

A solid pool testing kit is a definite must have for any pool owner. In addition, I highly recommend using tablets over liquids because they can be far more accurate. Don't forget to discard any expired tablets as they become increasingly inaccurate over time.

Be sure to keep your pH levels around 7.2 This is because chlorine works far better when the pH level is around this level. If you're finding that the pH balance is too high you'll want to turn your pool pump on. Then at the deep end of the pool start slowly adding muratic acid so that it mixes well with the rest of the water in your pool.

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