Swimming Pool Chemicals

by Pool Builders on 05-15-2007 in Articles

Every swimming pool contains a combination of chemicals - anyone that has ever been in a swimming pool will know this. In fact, anyone who has ever been near a swimming pool will recognise the strange odour that wafts through the air! This smell is caused by swimming pool chemicals that are added to every public and private swimming pool as a matter of course.

Swimming pool chemicals are generally chlorine based and come into a variety of forms. Chlorine has distinct properties that attack germs and bacteria that may build up in a pool. Concentrated chlorine can actually damage human cells, especially mucus membrane like the eyes; however in its dilute form it does not prove to be as harmful. The chlorine is carried around the pool via the water molecules and can protect patrons of the pool for at least a couple of weeks before it needs replenishing.

Chlorine and other swimming pool chemicals are essential elements of any pool. Not only does the chlorine kill harmful germs and bacteria, but it also has properties that neutralize and cleanse other, ahem, less savoury substances. Anyone that has seen a "Don't pee in the pool" sign will know what I am talking about.

Although chlorine is the common swimming pool chemical used, a good percentage of individuals are actually allergic to it. Alternatives has been created, and non-chlorine swimming pool chemicals are now commonly available. They come in several forms. Bromine is commonly used, as is oxy shock. The latter is an oxygen product, potassium mono peroxy sulphate, that is actually odourless and does not tend to provoke allergic reactions, yet does the same job as chlorine.

You can purchase swimming pool chemicals from a variety of places. There are companies that sell them on the World Wide Web and some companies even operate via mail order for this kind of commodity. However, if you do need some advice then you should first go to the site listed below, then, armed with knowledge, to specialist stores that stock swimming pool chemicals. These include, garden centres, sports stores and home design stores.

You should not underestimate the importance of swimming pool chemicals, especially if it is your pool that requires maintenance. The chemicals are inexpensive, but you should always consider the health benefits that you do get as a result of employing them.

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