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by Pool Builders on 02-21-2010 in Articles

Despite their crystal clean appearance, most swimming pools are hiding a dirty secret. When used by various individuals on a daily basis, bacteria can build up in the water and it can be hazardous to humans. Whether it is a public swimming baths or a home pool, chlorine/Bromine or other forms of sanitation should be added to the water in the right quantities to kill any bacteria that may be present. But where can pool owners buy these swimming pool chemicals? Well the answer is simple; there are internet based retailers that supply a wide selection of products that are necessary to maintain any pool, Spa or Hot-Tub.

One such online retailer specialises in pool maintenance and cleaning equipment. Amongst their range of products pool owners can purchase pool cleaners, chemicals, covers, pool games and other accessories.

They currently stock two brands of swimming pool chemicals, Fi-Clor and Swimfresh, both are highly regarded brands that are tested thoroughly for optimum safety. The chemicals are broken down into categories such as prevention and cure, chlorine, water balance and bromine. As well as chemical cleaners, this specialist also supplies other equipment that can be used to clean the pool manually. Items include leaf nets, brushes and vacuums.

Of course, some pool owners may feel uncomfortable adding chemicals to water that their family is going to swim in. This retailer has taken this into consideration and they have numerous branded guides available as downloadable PDF's on their website. The documents explain how to use and store the products safely and answer multiple questions relating to the chemicals.

Purchasing products online is incredibly simple, just add the items to the shopping basket and proceed to the checkout. Delivery is free for all orders over £60.00 within mainland UK and the retailer accepts a variety of universal payment methods such as, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Switch and PayPal.

If in doubt about how to use any of the swimming pool chemicals sold by this online retailer, they encourage their customers to contact a member of their friendly team for further support. They can be contacted via their online contact form or by calling them between 9am and 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

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