Swimming Pool Chlorine

by Pool Builders on 05-16-2007 in Articles

Anyone who has visited a swimming pool or soaked in a hot tub knows the distinct spell of chlorine added to the water.

Using the right mixture of chlorine for a swimming pool or hot tub is an essential part of owning the device that brings so much pleasure, exercise, and comfort to many of us.

The reason how and why chlorine works is simply a commonly understood chemical reaction of the breakdown of the chlorine once it is mixed with the swimming pool water. Hypochlorite ion, or OCI, and hypochlorous acid, or HCOI, break down the cell walls of bacteria and microorganisms by working on the lipids and destroying nasty enzymes that can cause bad things to happen in your swimming pool.

The pH balance of your water and amount of chlorine you've put in is closely related.

Adding chlorine to the swimming pool is a trial and error experience with a testing kit leading the way. Too much chlorine in the water can add an unbearably strong odor, and too little chlorine in the water is basically useless, so getting it right is key to your success.

Swimming pool chlorine come in many different forms, commonly: gas, liquid, tablets or granules. With all these choices, the consumer is expected to know which is better and which is best.

Chlorine in gas form is actually in its pure elemental state. This was at one time a popular method to obtain swimming pool chlorine, but the gaseous form is highly acidic being close in pH to muriatic acid.

The tablet form of chlorine is called trichlor or trichloro s-triazinetrione. This form of chlorine is extremely stable and has gained in popularity quickly over the past decade. Stabilized chlorine is beneficial in a residential setting because it has pressed cyanuric acid in the tablet with the chlorine.

Another popular form of chlorine is called Dichlor. Most consumers will purchase Dichlor in granulated form. Dichlor is highly popular in a residential setting because the pH is a steady 7, and the granules dissolve quickly getting the swimming pool cleaner faster.

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