Swimming Pool Chlorine: Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe to Use

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2010 in Articles

Keeping your pool clean and safe to use requires processes which in turn can benefit you and your family. Most the time pools especially the public ones accommodates large number of swimmers. And you can never tell how many bacteria and viruses are penetrating the pool which can eventually cause skin infections and diseases. Getting rid of all the dirt and debris is not enough. You should also reinforce its shield from deteriorating viruses and bacteria by adding up essential chemical.

Pool chemicals are necessary for both the sanitation and circulation process in your pool. The most common chemical that is usually used in in ground swimming pools is the chlorine. Its distinct properties make it an essential tool in getting rid of bacteria and viruses.

  • It is necessary to dilute the chlorine in water before using it since studies proved that it can also harm human beings. It can damage human cells especially the mucus membrane. But with its proper use, your pool can still be user-friendly.
  • Chlorine doesn't just kill bacteria and viruses; it also maintains the cleanliness of the water. If you will notice, safe to use pools have crystal clear water. This is due to the chemical that is being added on it. It also helps neutralize the water for safer and more exciting pool bathing experience.
  • Observe proper amount of chlorine that is need. Too much of it might cause allergies to some people. To know the amount of chlorine that is needed for your pool just measure the size on your pool and check for its equivalent chlorine amount in the user's manual.
  • If you prefer your pool to be chlorine-free, there are other alternative chemicals that you can use.. Bromine is a commonly-used pool chemical that is chlorine-free and doesn't trigger any allergic reactions but doesn't do as good as the chlorine.

Always remember that keeping your pool clean and safe to use is, above all, your top responsibility as a pool owner. Make sure to purchase chemicals from well-trusted pool stores to prevent defected products.

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