Swimming Pool Chlorine Sanitizing Choice  

by Pool Builders on 04-25-2013 in Articles

A swimming pool is a plus point in any home especially when there are children and avid swimmers. It saves time and effort as well as money from traveling to a public or club pool which can be crowded, unavailable or unclean.

However, there is a high maintenance on a private swimming pool. It is crucial to clean the pool regularly with the right sanitizer to keep off bacteria and other contaminants for a safe and healthy swim. Most pool owners or maintenance experts would recommend the use of chlorine sanitizers to this objective.

Chlorine options

There is a myriad of excellent swimming pool chlorine sanitizers in the market today to cater to the cleaning of the pool or spa on a regular basis. Many pool owners and maintenance experts prefer the stabilized chlorine granules which is sodium dichloriocynaurate in 56% strength for an impactful effectiveness.

Still, some other consumers may prefer chlorine tablets instead; this chemical is known as trichloroisocynauric acid which is a large chlorine sanitizing tablet that dissolves slowly into the pool water via a floating dispenser.

Hazard potential

Chlorine in any form is harmful if it is not administered correctly especially when it is swallowed. This is a frequent action with children who are playful in the water that has been treated with chlorine. An overdose of chlorine in the pool can cause eye irritation or respiratory irritation which can turn severe. An accidental swallow of chlorine filled water should be referred to the physician immediately if the consumer feels unwell.

Chlorine is very toxic not only to aquatic life but swimmers with long lasting effects. This item should not be used in conjunction with other acidic products which can release dangerous gases. Unused chlorine tablets or granules for cleaning the pool should be in its original packaging and be stored in a locked cabinet away from children. Chlorine is another popular pool cleaning agent although bromine is preferred in the form of tablets.


Swimming pool chlorine sanitizers in the form of tablets or granules are very effective in keeping the pool water clean from bacteria. It is not too expensive to purchase a tub of chlorine tablets for cleaning the pool although it is not advisable to make bulk purchases unlike professional pool cleaners.

The presence of an abundance of chlorine in any home or office is dangerous where it may react with the atmospheric gases to release toxic gases to cause respiratory issues if inhaled too much over time.

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