Swimming Pool Cleaners In Spain

by Pool Builders on 05-08-2008 in Articles

Are you looking for swimming pool cleaners in Spain? How does the location of your pool affect the type of pool cleaner you should buy? Where is the best place to buy swimming pool cleaners in Spain? The answers to all these questions and more are contained within this short article.

As you probably already know, cleaning your pool is a necessary evil if you want to protect your investment. The consequences of not cleaning your pool properly are perhaps less well known. However, if I mentioned just a few of the following phrases, "green pool algae", "disease causing bacteria" and "damage to your filtration system", you soon get the idea why pool cleaning is so essential.

There are basically two different types of pool cleaner on the market, marketed to handle sizes of debris:

(1) Suction side cleaners - these are only really suitable for very small debris such as sand, dirt and small sediments. If your pool is located in a particularly dry climate this may meet your requirements exactly.

(2) Pressure side cleaners - these are the other type of pool cleaners available, (and in my opinion are less likely to be suitable a Spanish location) unless your pool gets a lot of debris in the form of leaves, and flowers for example on a daily basis.

If you are located in Spain, here is a list of your options when it comes to buying pool cleaners:

(1) Offline - some very large supermarkets sell pool cleaners in Spain, as do specialist shops.

(2) Online - there are a number of sources you could use on the Internet, my personal recommendations are auction and price comparison sites.

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