Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips: Time to Winterize the Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2011 in Articles

With summer drawing to a close and the advent of fall upon us you might want to take the time to winterize your pool before the trees start dropping their leaves into your pool water and making a mess. If you are a do-it-yourself-er and don't utilize professional swimming pool cleaners here are some pointers to make you job easier.

Before you clean everything out and shut down for the season there are several things you should do to make sure your pool is not a nightmare to deal with next spring. If you follow these guidelines you will be sure to have sparkling clear water when you open up the pool next spring

First, balance out the chemicals in the water by bringing the ph to 7.2-7.6 and the alkalinity to 80-120 parts per million and the calcium hardness to 180-220 parts per million.

Once you have all of the chemicals adjusted it is time to shock the pool with whatever shocking chemicals you use. This will clean up not only the water but all of the equipment before you put everything in storage. A day or two after the shock treatment you can remove everything out of the pool including the skim baskets, filter baskets, hoses, pumps, filters and anything else you can pack away.

Let everything dry thoroughly before you put anything in storage so they don't develop mold or mildew over the winter. This will be one less thing to do in the spring. The shock should have cleaned everything up but don't be afraid to wipe off any residue or built up scum. It is easier to clean now than it will be next spring.

After the shock treatment has dissipated for a few days the chemical levels will be back to normal. Now you can add a winterizing algaecide and the overload of chlorine won't render the algaecide useless. This will help ensure your pool water will be sparkling clean next year.

Now you can take and scrub everything in and around the pool. Vacuum all the debris you can. Anything left in the water over the course of the winter will be a stain on the pools interior come spring time. Don't forget to scrub the scum line that develops along the water line with a commercial pool cleaner.

You are almost ready to put the pool cover on but first you will have to lower the water level according to the cover manufacturer's recommendations. Typically, this means 12 to 18 inches lower for the mesh covers, 3-6 inches for the solid floating covers. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

Finally install the cover making sure it fits tight to help keep out any dirt or debris. Any dirt or debris that gets into the pool over the winter will be there for you to clean up next spring. Of course you could always take the easy way out and hire pool cleaners to take care of the winterization. A good pool cleaning company will keep your water sparkling clean all throughout the swimming season with no effort on your part.

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