Swimming Pool Costs and What You Need to Know

by Pool Builders on 02-27-2009 in Articles

This is a guide on how to cut unnecessary costs from building a swimming pool. A swimming pool is by no mean cheap, it's an investment and it will enhance the value of your home. If you were to sell your house, it would be more attractive to a lot of buyers that are interested in having a pool of their own. However, I'm not implying that you should build a pool just so you could sell your house at a higher price. This is completely inadvisable as the cost of a pool will probably be higher than the price increment you would get for your house. Especially at a time like this.

The way the economy is right now, everybody is trying to save as much money as they can. And if you seriously want that pool, why not try to eliminate as many of the unnecessary swimming pool cost as you can? There are many ways to do this.

The first is the timing. The perfect time to build a pool is now because spring and summer is the time when everybody in your neighborhood decide to improve his/her home one way or another, renew the kitchen, new paint, fix the roof, etc. It's harder to obtain quality contractors during spring and summer because there is a higher demand for their service. The economy is slow and it's still winter, the contractors out there don't have enough work so they will compete for your business. Be sure to ask for that discount. On an average winter month, a painter could get about 6 houses. But in spring and summer they can do on average ten houses a month.

The second thing is you need to do your research and know all you can about swimming pool and its construction. A lot of contractors will try to scare you into paying for options that you don't need. If it's not cold where you live, why would you need a pool heater installed? You need to take a more proactive approach in handling your pool construction as well. Ask questions about everything that seem out of place. If you feel like you can do a better job than your contractor, then maybe you could. All you need is a little guidance!

When you do your research, you need to ask about the quality of the contractor's work. The main indicator of this is how long they have been in business, as common sense dictate, the longer they're in business the more experience they have and their previous customers were probably satisfied enough to refer more clients. You should also contact their previous customers and if possible ask to go take a look at their work in person.

In this economy, it's important that you do your research to save money. Even if you have money to throw around, you should throw it at the best quality you can find. It will also save you thousands to pick the right time to build your pool, which is now in the end of the winter.

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