Swimming Pool Covers - Do I Truly Need One?

by Pool Builders on 10-12-2009 in Articles

There is nothing more relaxing and invigorating than swimming in your very own pool, especially during those sweltering summer months on the Island. Having your own pool is not only an enjoyable amenity; it adds value to your home.

In order to continue enjoying swimming next summer, you have to make sure it's well protected during the times it is not in use. One way to help protect your pool is to invest in a quality pool cover.

A cover will prevent fallen leaves, broken branches and other outdoor debris from entering and potentially damaging your swimming pool.

Purchase a Quality Swimming Pool Cover

When buying a cover, don't just buy any type of cover just to have one. Purchase one from an authorized dealer of quality covers. Many pool companies sell custom designed covers which is highly recommended. For example, Long Island pool companies like Blue Ribbon Pools sell custom designed covers including safety covers, automatic covers, and water bag covers. All are designed to fit steps, angles, and other areas.

There are a few important things to remember when purchasing a pool cover.

o Make sure you take into consideration the type of pool you own before making a buying decision. There are two popular swimming pool types-in-ground or above-ground pool.

o Don't forget to thoroughly review warranty details before purchasing a pool cover. Many Long Island pool companies offer 2+ year warranties. Understanding details about your cover warranty will make life a lot easier if something goes wrong and you need to have your cover replaced.

o Make sure you purchase the right pool cover size. Once again, custom fit covers are recommended over standard pool covers. A pool cover should be able to properly fit all sides of your pool. Purchasing the wrong size defeats the purpose of using a pool cover for protection.

Using proper swimming pool maintenance during the fall and winter months will keep your pool in tip-top shape all year round -- even during the months when your swimming pool is closed.

Lastly, when late spring and summer arrive, you will be able to re-open your pool hassle-free simply because you took good care of your swimming pool.

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