Swimming Pool Covers - What You Need to Know

by Pool Builders on 09-09-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool covers take care of your pool. A pool needs a lot of energy and investment. It requires constant care and maintenance. A pool cover helps to reduce many of those costs because it shields the water and takes care of the pool. They not only help to reduce costs but also save time. There are three broad reasons why you should buy swimming pool covers.

Reasons for buying covers for your pool:

The first reason to buy swimming pool covers is that they help to reduce the cost of maintenance. Protecting a pool with covers does not allow dirt and leaves to pollute the water, thereby reducing your cost. They also reduce the amount of work you have to do in keeping the pool clean.

The second reason for buying pool covers is to keep the water of the pool warm during winter months. The cover does not allow the water of the pool to come in contact with the cold air and hence maintains the temperature of the pool.

The third reason behind having pool covers is for safety. If you have a child or a small pet at home, it is of supreme importance that you have a cover. There are many covers that are built specially for this purpose.

Types of covers for you pool:

There are many types of covers available. One of them is called the solar cover. This type of cover is built specially to capture heat from the sun during the day so that the water remains warm at night. If you use a pool heater to warm up the water then a solar cover is even more important so that the heat is retained within the pool.

Another kind of swimming pool cover is called winter cover. This is especially made for areas which have a big winter. It protects the water from sun thus preventing the growth of algae.

Safety covers are another type of tarp you can use. They are designed specifically so that they can hold the weight of a child or pet. They reduce general maintenance of the pool.

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