Swimming Pool Covers - Why They're Important

by Pool Builders on 01-27-2009 in Articles

One of the most often overlooked accessory for owners of swimming pools is having a good cover. Not only does covering your pool improve the look and aesthetics of your favorite leisure hot spot but it also aids in safety. Did you know that drowning is one of the leading causes of death among small children, and that covering your pool will help to prevent such a tragedy.

There are several types of covering options, most importantly being the decision to go with a solid or mesh design. Solid pool covers used to be the most common, however their inability to allow water to drain well during rain and snow storms mitigate the need to purchase a cover pump to get rid of any standing water. It only takes a few inches of water to drown a child or small animal, and the added weight of the water can damage or even lead to collapse.

Mesh pool covers are gaining in popularity. Originally thought to be too weak to withstand someone accidentally straying onto the surface, a modern mesh cover can withstand several hundred pounds of weight easily. One of the biggest advantages this setup has over the solid type is the ability to allow water to seep in through it's porous surface. This eliminates the need to purchase an unsightly pump to get rid of any standing water that may build up during wet weather.

Speaking of wet weather, covering your swimming pool will also help to protect against the elements. One of the hardest aspects of maintaining a swimming pool is keeping it free of debris like leaves, sticks and twigs, trash and dirt. These covers are especially useful during a storm when this type of material is most likely to be deposited. This not only saves time and energy, it also reduces strain on your pumps and filters.

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