Swimming Pool Engineering Services - Checklist for a Clean and Healthy Swim  

by Pool Builders on 10-19-2009 in Articles

On a recent vacation, it was a pleasure to just lounge around by the swimming pool and take a dip every time the sun started to become unbearable. The water was beautifully clean and cool and ever so refreshing. However, when we visit a public or commercial pool we usually take for granted that the owners of the pool are doing everything in their power to provide a safe and healthy swimming experience for all its visitors.

So, let's turn the tables for a minute, the swimming pool and everyone's health and safety is your responsibility. Perhaps you are moving into a new home with an existing pool already on the premises. How do you know that the pool is ready to swim in? How do you know if the previous owners kept on top its maintenance and upkeep?

Or, perhaps you have always dreamed of having your own pool and decide to have one built at your home. Are you fully aware of all the work and all the equipment you will need to make sure your swimming pool is always safe as well as looking appetising to leap in to?

Let's have a brief look at some of the essential equipment and items that are going to prove crucial when maintaining a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Chemicals - The most obvious that comes to mind is chlorine. That strong smell that lingers on you after a swim until you have showered is of course the chlorine, but its not just a matter of pouring some chlorine into the water and hey presto! You have to have the right mix and blend of swimming pool sanitisers (as they are often referred to) for the water. There are several different ways you can go about this but unless you are a trained professional yourself, it is much wiser to call in the help of specialist swimming pool engineering services.

Pool Water Testing Equipment - You have had the chemicals added to the pool but now you have to maintain all the correct levels of disinfection in the water. For this you will need equipment that can measure these levels. Photometers are often used to do this as they test the pH levels and alkalinity. Thermometers and test tables are other things that should be in your health and safety arsenal.

Along with these essential ingredients, you are going to need pumps, filters, pool heating equipment, pool cleaning equipment, ladder, hand rails and swimming pool lighting.

I think you will agree, there is an awful lot to remember to keep yourself and all other swimmers safe and healthy. It may be wise to unburden yourself and enlist the help of qualified and professional swimming pool engineering services.

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