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by Pool Builders on 04-08-2013 in Articles

Are you building a pool? Do you need new equipment for your existing swimming pool? If your answer is yes, then you must consider visiting a warehouse store that offers almost anything about swimming pools.

Would you buy a new car without asking about the engine and checking that it was reliable? Well a new pool is no different at all. If you are investing many thousands of dollars on your pool you should ask your builder what equipment is being used "under the bonnet". If you want quality, high performance products that are dependable and supported by nation-wide network of suppliers and service agents, then demand for popular brands that art rested in the market.

These water products offer the complete package of pool equipment for your new pool or as a replacement for your existing swimming pool equipment. Their extensive range includes a variety of pumps, filters, water sanitizing systems, automatic pool cleaners, and pool heating equipment, sometimes in a variety of dependable brands, such as the Davey and Monarch series. Of the last two brands, Davey is supported by the best service and advice group.

At the very heart of your swimming pool circulation system is your pump. While the pump may be hidden away from sight, it is a crucial piece of equipment that must be dependable and reliable, in order to keep you pool sparkling clear and ready for swimming. Davey can offer a variety of pumps ranging from the innovative and award winning Silensor SuperQuiet Pump and the Super-tough Power Master, to the compact, economical Whisper pump for small swimming pools. These pool pumps are popular in the market and have satisfied all aspects of pool circulation.

The Power Master ECO offer a 3 speed control system to lower running costs and let you control the flow rates and applications of your pool. The Silensor ECO pool pump, feature super quiet operation from 2 models, the SLSECO or the SLLECO, with extra large leaf baskets. Davey has also the turbo-charge Hurricane Counter-current swim jet pump that gives you a lap pool at the press of a button. The Davey Typhoon is a powerful heavy duty pump delivering high performance for rapid pool and spa water circulation and the Davey Whisper, a compact pump for small above and below ground pools as well as a selection of Commercial pool pumps.

Since you are investing in a pool, it makes sense to get more use out of it. You can do this by extending its use beyond just summer month by installing a pool heating system. There are methods of heating your pool and some offers two of the most common methods; gas heating and solar heating. Gas heating provides fast and effective heating on-demand which can be used all year round to get the most from your lifestyle investment. Solar heating is a wise way of capturing the FREE heat from the sun to heat your pool economically and efficiently.

Gas heaters are available in natural gas and LPG variants so no matter where you live, you have access to quick heating for your pool.

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