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by Pool Builders on 04-13-2013 in Articles

The most sought after pool equipment today are user friendly, and energy saving as well as eco-friendly. The most popular are the inground pool solar panels and accessories that provide heating functions for inground pools and extend their swimming season and relaxation at home. Completely using solar energy to power these units, they use recyclable energy to heat your pools.

Here is a simple breakdown of the solar heating equipment components that are available in the market for pool owners. The Aquasol Panels, an inground pool solar heating system, that comes in several dimensions including; 4 x 8 solar panels with coupling kit âEUR" 1.5inches headers (AQ32), 4 X 11 solar panels with coupling cit âEUR" 1.5 inches headers (AQ40), the 4 x 12 solar panels with coupling kit âEUR" 1.5 inches headers (AQ 48), the systems kit for 1.5inches header system includes two 2 inches check valves, hold down strap and brackets, hurricane hold down bracket, the add a row kit âEUR" 1.5 inches header (one for each row after the first), Row spacer kit 1.5 inches header (to span obstructions), 2 inches header panels (direct replacement for Fafco solar panels), and the larger models with 2 inches headers includes, 4 x8 panels with coupling kit, 4 x 10 solar panels with coupling kit, 4 x 12 panels with coupling kit, and there appropriate valves, bracket, add a row kits, and row spacers.

The Aquasol solar heating system as your pool equipment is a high quality polypropelene panel system thatâEUR(TM)s available I 4 x 8, 4 x 10, 4 x 12 size. The standard system comes with s1.5 inches headers but 2 inches headers are also available for replacement of Fafco solar panels etc. Piping is purchased locally. Just determine the surface area of your pool and purchase 50 to 60 of the pool surface area in collector area. For example, a 400 square feet surface area pool would use 6 panels of 4 x 10 solar panel collectors for a total panel area of 240 square Feet.

Premium grade 4 foot width panels, not the lesser quality harder to install 1 foot and 2 foot width panels sold by any companies. Any size system can be shipped economically. Just pick up the panel size that best fit your needs and a system kit (1 required with each system). Add a row kits are available if the panels canâEUR(TM)t be laid out in a continuous row. For the utmost in convenience and maximum heating, they offer the Pentair and Goldline automatic controllers as an upgrade to your system. If you are not going to use the automatic control system, then you will have to purchase a manual control valve to operate your solar panels.

Their premium solar pool heating system meets or exceeds the criteria for approvals from the following accredited independent laboratories and approval agencies including; NSF/ANSI 50 compliant, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), Florida Solar Energy Center, Dade County, City of Los Angeles, Solar Heating and Certification Corp. (SRCC), TESTING: DSET Exposure Test, New River, Arizona.

Investing on a solar heating system might be a substantial amount at the beginning. But soon, you will realize that you wonâEUR(TM)t need to have electric bills anymore, rather, even perhaps require the electric company to pay you for the extra power generation you can provide them, in excess of your usage. Good luck and have an exciting energy recycling system at home.

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