Swimming Pool Equipments   by Ian Krumm

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2013 in Articles

The swimming pool motor pump is for reasons the heart of every swimming pool. It is responsible for circulating the water in the pool and therefore shall be engineered to deliver ultra performance to both high and medium head installations in large-sized swimming pools and commercial spas. The €Minder€ M series centrifugal Pump is a high flow pump designed to exceed builder, service professional and customer requirements. When it comes to superb quality centrifugal swimming pool pumps then there are very few alternatives available in the market, as provided by this model pump.

The Attributes of the pump includes; sturdy construction, perfect designing, rust proof and longer life. Its features include; Corrosion protected shell to prevent water contacting motor directly. It has a single thumb screw to ensure excellent sealing, and has an easy to assemble pump basket. The pump basket's size accommodates twice the normal dirt-load before and lengthens interval cleaning. It has high performance that ensure maximum turnover rate of water. It has improved suction characteristics to ensure maximum efficiency from the automatic sweeper. Lid designed to eliminate suction leak and to allow positive checking of lid seal under load. Lp55 waterproof standard, designed for easy maintenance and repairs, low cost of spare parts in the market.

To complement the pool pump is the Sand Filter. €Minder€ Fiberglass Sand Filters are constructed by the latest engineering technology. The fiberglass winding design allows the filters to have extra strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosives. €Minder€ Fiberglass Sand Filters are the most recommendable equipment for the application of swimming pool water treatment. The materials used are dependable are suitable for all weather performance. Easy to use multi port valve let you select any of the valve/filter operation with a simple lever action. UV resistance surface allows the filter to work under direct sunlight. The sand required: 0.8 - 1.0 granule. It has a 5 to 10 years lifetime.

Another state of the art equipment is the Potent's most advance swimming pool filtration system - Euro integrated Pip-filters. The filters integrate the multiple function of filtration, disinfection, vacuum cleaning, illumination and whirlpool massage. The filter eliminates the requirement of the balancing tank, buries pipes, plumbing and pump room. The Euro Pip less filters can fit any existing water body, swimming pool or pond easily. The enclosure is made of high quality lucrite, acrylic which is known for its properties of acid and ageing resistance. The filter's body is tough and strong. The filter is easy to clean and install.

Swimming pool water ozonation is time tested and proven technology. Worldwide swimming pool water is disinfected using Ozone. Oxygen from air is concentrated and supplied to ozone generator. Ozone generator is 1GBT based, high efficiency, high frequency electronic unit that converts oxygen to ozone. This ozone is mixed into the swimming pool water using ventury. An ozonator is installed in the existing pool or spa filtration plumbing. There are several basic designs of ozone generators but they all inject the ozone gas into the pool through a small tube. The concentration of ozone gas is strongest at the point of entry for effective purification. An ozone system is not actually €no chemicals€ because you will need to keep a very low residual level of chlorine in the pool water. This is generally about 20 percent as much chlorine as when no ozone is used.

Using ozone generators to sanitize your pool is more effective than chlorine for oxidizing organics, bacteria, cysts, spores, or viruses. Water ozonators are non-irritating to skin and hair and the by-products of the oxidation process have no adverse or environmental effects.

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