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by Pool Builders on 04-26-2013 in Articles

There are several engineering processes and structures to manufacture pumps for swimming pools and spas. As the heart of the water feature, manufacturerâEUR(TM)s objectives in producing these pumps may vary at several innovative features, but all is aimed at providing efficiency and energy savings for the swimming pool owner.
One of such innovative pumps today is the 2 kg Max Pressure Clean Water Pumps for swimming and landscape pools. Its application is for clarified water. The theory used in its construction is the reciprocating pump model. It is structured to be a screw pump and is very easy install. It is powered by electricity. This type of pumps is of the blade pump model. It is now exported throughout the world.

Its features and advantages include; the motor is well ventilated in its design. The material for the motor is superior aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive in nature. The pumpâEUR(TM)s casing, guide vane and impeller are unique designs for maximum water flow and maximum head. It has a corrosion protected shell and superior mechanical seal to prevent water contacting the motor directly, separating the dry are from the wet area. It is extremely quiet in its operation. It has low energy consumption and saves the owner cost of its operation. Its pump basket can be easily assembled and can easily be remove for back washing. The pump is designed for easy maintenance and repairs too. The cost of this pumpâEUR(TM)s spare parts is very low and is readily available in the market.

These pumps can be applied in saunas, swimming pools, industrial pools, industrial water features, ocean parks, water theme parks, etc. They are easy to assemble and install. Another model is the heat resisting swimming pool w2ater pumps for spa and sauna pool use. This model is powered by electricity. It is also designed to be a screw pump. Its theory is based on the mixed flow pump. It is basically a jet pump type model. Its application is with the clarified water pump. Its material is of cast iron and is distributed throughout the world too. This pump is designed to be heat resisting and is good for swimming pools, spa and sauna use too.

Its features and advantages include; can resist operation under 90 degrees hot water. It is the best choice for spa and sauna operations. The motor is designed to be externally ventilated. The material for the motor is of superior aluminum alloy anti corrosive therefore it is durable and can last long. The pump casing, vane and impeller are of the unique design for maximum water flow and maximum head. It has a corrosive protected shell and superior mechanical seal that prevents motor from contacting water directly, separated from the wet section of the pump.

Its advantages include, extremely quiet operations, low energy operations and saves cost for energy consumption. The pump basket for debris can be easily removed and replaced. It is designed for easy maintenance and repairs too. It can be applied to any form of water features.

Choose your pumps wisely. It may save you money and get the best operations there is from a pump.

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