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by Pool Builders on 04-06-2013 in Articles

When it comes to swimming pool, it has to be the pumps and strainers that do the job to circulate pool water. In this article, we will discuss the design and make of the pool water circulation. There are vital parts of pool water circulation and to start with, we have the concentric reducers. Concentric reducers are often used to reduce pipe size on the effluent side of a recirculation pump or filter system. They can come in both fiberglass reinforced plastic and PVC laminate and T-304 stainless steel. They come in several sizes depending on the need of the pool designer.

The fiberglass pool strainers are made from high quality schedule 80 PVC with an FRP over-wrap, this strainer includes a clear PVC lid and a 304 stainless steel strainer. It also comes in several sizes that are dependent on the design of the pool. There are fiberglass replacement strainers that have the identical centerline and face to face dimensions as the cast iron strainer. They are made of PVC and fiberglass reinforced plastic with a clear acrylic lid, stainless steel tee handles, Van Stone flanges and come with a heavy duty 1/8inches perforated stainless steel basket. They come in several sizes too.

In pumps, the new WhisperFloxF pool pump was developed using the most advanced engineering tools available. The proprietary impeller design delivers a higher level of precision concentricity for increased efficiency. The proprietary hydraulic isolator smoothen the water flow inside the volute, raising the efficiency even higher. With capabilities in excess of 200 gpm, this equipment is an ideal choice for many commercial applications. It comes in several models.

The Whisper Flo pool pump is the latest innovation in high performance pool and spa technology. It is engineered to circulate more water in less time and offers the greatest volume of water flow generated by any high performance pump within the normal operating range of 35-80 feet of head. It comes in four models, the 1 ‚ hp model, the 2 hp model, the 3 hp model, and the4 3 hp (three phase) model. It has replacement strainer baskets available in the market every time.

The Hayward Super II pump is ideal for smaller applications such as wading pools and spas. It comes in two models; the 3 hp (230 volts) weighing 64 pounds and the 3 hp (three phase) 230 volts to 460 volts model, weighing 64 pounds. It has replacement strainer baskets available in the market too.

The Pentair EQ series self priming pumps of swimming pool pumps deliver extraordinary performance. Built to last, Pentair EQ pumps are efficient, quiet, lightweight and corrosion resistant, resulting in a cost effective pump that is suitable for a wide range of commercial water applications. These pumps have a 6 inches suction and 4 inches discharge and with a built-in strainer with a basket.

These swimming pool equipments are essential and are responsible for pool water circulation in your pool. They are the working equipments in the pool. In other words, they should be reliable, durable, efficient, quiet and long lasting to save on cost and fore-long swimming pool usability.

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