Swimming Pool Exercises to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

by Pool Builders on 01-09-2011 in Articles

Do you want to remain in shape with easy and fun exercises? Then try pool workout routines for slimming and staying in shape. Listed below are some effortless exercises you can attempt right now.

1. Get started with flexibility exercises in order to stretch your muscles first. Stand in the corner of the swimming pool (in water) holding to the edge for support and balance. Bit by bit lift one of the legs behind the body. Feet have to point skywards while the knees are bent down. The other foot must be firmly on the swimming pool bottom.

Hold the lifted leg with the opposing hand (right foot with left hand and so forth). Have this position for Half a minute and repeat with the other leg.

2. Perform a little cardio workouts in water. This will assist in getting your blood pumped up. It is easier to get the heartbeat rate up during exercising in water. You can try jogging, brisk walking and other cardio exercises in water to get a heightened heart rate quite swiftly when compared to doing the same exercises outside water.

Remain in water which should be shoulder high. Put one foot ahead versus the other. The distance between your back and front feet ought to be about the width of your shoulders. Punch with the arm opposite to your front foot. It implies in case your left foot is in front, then punch with the right arm.

Repeat this several times. Then do it with the other foot forward and punch with the opposite arm. Do not forget that the whilst doing this exercise you should stand in water which happens to be reaching around your shoulders and not till your waistline.

Simply because it will require more force and energy to punch when the arms are immersed in water. So it is best for calorie burning and losing weight.

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