Swimming Pool Fence Necessities  

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool fences are of many advantages. They can give dimension to your pool and most importantly can secure your family and other by stopping them to enter the pool without permission and authorization. Due to its importance swimming pool fence construction is governed by some laws. These laws are different for different countries. Following aspects should be considered while construction of pool fences.

Height of fence:

As most important aspect of swimming pool fence is to restrict children from entering pool without elder supervisions so height of the pool is of important consideration. It should be 48" higher than ground level at least. So that it can stop children top climb over the fence.

Distance from ground level:

Pool should be constructed at most 2" higher than that of ground so that children cannot sneak under the fence but if fence is constructed just above the pool then this distance can be of 4".

Gaps between panels:

The opening between panels of fence should not be more than 4" diameter sphere as these opening should now allow children to squeeze in between. Fence can be constructed of panels placed horizontally called rails and vertical panels called pickets The rails can be either placed such that they are less than 45" apart then rails should be on pool side and pickets should not exceed the spacing of 1.75" in width.

On the other hand if spacing for rail is more than 45" than rails should be at pool side and spacing between pickets should not excess 4". This should be apply is decorative cutouts also and they should not go beyond 4" in width.


As gates are also important feature of fences and play important role is safety measure so there are also codes for fence gates installed. Along with above mentioned rules some additional are as follow:

- It should have proper lock installed.

- Gate should open outward from the pool.

- Gate should have self closing system and should have self latching Debbie.

- The lock of gate should be installed less than 54" from bottom of gate and at least 3" from top and should not have opening more than 0.5" within 18" of releasing point.

These all points and statistics should be kept in mind while construction of pool fence and is you hire a proper contractor he would be well aware of all these constraints? he could help you to construct your fence according to laws and can provide your family an ultimate security.

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