Swimming Pool Fence - Steel Or Glass?

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2010 in Articles

Glass pool fencing is a new hot trend in Australia. With affordable prices it becomes the fence of choice for many families. So, why would you choose glass and what circumstances it is the most suitable?

The most common use of glass fencing is around swimming pools. Most of new houses with pools in Australia choose this option and people who have a pool already, replace their old tubular fences. Glass adds a lot of style to the property and opens up the backyard. Instead of having your pool "behind bars", the new option provides a clear view through to the entire pool area. It is a pleasure just to look at it, it makes you feel good and proud when inviting people over for a swim.

As well as style, glass fencing provides security. The glass that is used in fencing is manufactured according to the applicable Australian safety standards and is completely safe to use around swimming pools. The thickness of the glass can range from 8 to 12mm and it is very hard to break. And if it does break, it just falls into a heap of harmless glass pieces which are then easy to clean up.

For people who are installing a new swimming pool and already spending thousands of dollars, adding a glass fence is a logical choice. We've seen a few new pools recently, with the old style metal fences, where the owners decided to rip it out and replace with glass, just a few weeks after that fence was installed.

When you think about glass - think about safety. Think about style and value.

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