Swimming Pool Fences - Passive Baby (And Pet) Sitters

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2010 in Articles

Safety is every mother's primordial concern and with good reason too, because you can never be "too sure" or "too safe" when a baby or toddler is around. I have a 2-year old son, I should know. I turn my back for a second and he has bumped his head on the coffee table or he has stumbled on an uneven spot in the garage. I am sure I'm not alone in this motherhood grind because I saw quite a few fathers, and even mothers, scouring the aisles and shelves of a hardware store for the latest in baby safety gear... furniture bump guards, safety latches for drawers, door jamb protectors (for the life of my I cannot remember what it is called, but it is supposed to prevent little fingers from being crushed by accidental door shutting), you name it it's there. All in an effort to child-proof our homes for our babies. Well, I suggest you add swimming pool fences to your shopping list the next time you are looking for safety equipment.

Swimming pool fences was the first on our list when we got our pool. It is really a must if you have kids, or even just pets, and your pool happens to be an in-ground pool. The incidence of accidental drowning is alarming and I would not want my family to contribute to the statistic so when we were shopping for pool equipment we did not forget to look for swimming pool fences contractors or installer.

For the uninitiated, swimming pool fences are just that... a fence around your pool. It is something to keep your child out of the pool area when there is no one to accompany or at least supervise him while swimming.

Pool fences, like everything else can be a do-it-yourself activity depending on your handyman skills. If you feel you would rather leave the installation to the pros, then by all means limit your participation to selecting the materials and even the design... do you want a mesh enclosure, something made of clear glass so it won't obscure the view, do you want the swimming pool fences to be permanent (this is a good choice if you also have pets or would eventually want to have one) or temporary (something to have just until your kids are old enough). Choice, choices, choices, yes you have a lot to make even if it is just for swimming pool fences.

What is crucial is that you get one immediately for your pool at home. Swimming pool fences, in my opinion, is still a lot better than pool nets or electronic alarms in your pool because it prevents accidental drowning from even taking place. Pool nets still allow your child to be in the pool and although drowning is less likely especially if the net is taut over the pool, the water that splashes over it might cause slipping accidents instead. Alarms, compared to swimming pool fences, will not "proactively" keep your child out of the pool, it will just send an alarm that someone or something has fallen into the water, and by the time you hear the alarm it might be too late.

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