Swimming Pool Filter Equipments  

by Pool Builders on 04-11-2013 in Articles

Superior filtration is achieved by utilizing 360 degree self-cleaning internal laterals and a superior top diffuser design that provides for even water flow across the media bed. Large and small particulate are removed in a single pass, resulting in superior water clarity and the more effective filtration cycle that Pool King Five Star Side Mount Sand Filter offers. If top of the line filtration is what you want, then you need not look any further. With exclusive features that catapult the Pool King filters to the head of the class, coupled with superior materials, engineering, construction and value, you can rest assured that you have chosen the right filter for your pool when you install a AS Series filter. KC/KD Series Convertible Cartridge/DE filters set a new standard in multi-media filter design and function. Filament wound structural fiberglass tanks are used for all models.

Utilizing Pool King's Patent pending unique internal component design, old fashioned split tanks are a thing of the past as all cartridge installation and removal is easily done through the large top tank opening. No longer is removal/replacement of a large leak prone center required. Service time is cut down dramatically. Four different models are available with either DE or large between DE or Cartridge media at any time. Innovative engineering and manufacturing capability provide exceptional functionality and value in a Cartridge/DE convertible filter. Each of these filters is forwardly or backwardly convertible between cartridge or DE media. These are available in popular media 35, 45, 75 and 90 sq. ft. sizes. Cartridge filters do not require any backwash valve, for extra savings, and DE filters are available with your choice of either push-pull or multi-port valves.

Filters can be ordered as complete units, ready for installation, or as kits utilizing one of two tanks, and your choice of either DE or moving the filter tank to the installation location is much easier due to reduced filter weight. A garden hose drain valve connection allows removal of internal tank debris away from the mechanical location. Convenience, features and value make either of the Pool King KC and KD series convertible filters a logical choice for homeowners and pool professionals everywhere. The Top Mount Sand Filter (Clamp Type) CP series, is available for domestic application with heavy duty fiberglass tank and clamp lock multi-port valves that is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation. The anti-corrosive material used is dependable and are suitable for all-weather performance.

Its features include; heavy duty UV protected fiberglass tank, ergonomically designed six position multi-port valve, high performance filtering action, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, sight glass for inspection of filtered water, pressure gauge for inspection of operating pressure, virtually maintenance free, simply backwash filter when required, sand drain plug for easier sand removal - replacement. These swimming filtration systems are designed to provide ergonomically user-friendly valves, for easy operation. But as essential instruments in your swimming pool, they provide you with clean, clear water for your recreational activity. Your choice of what type of filtration system you want depends on the set of standards for water clarity you want whenever you want to use our pool.

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