Swimming Pool Filters

by Pool Builders on 01-28-2008 in Articles

In the last decade, swimming pool filters have undergone changes. They have been upgraded as more people have private pools. Filters help to maintain the purity of the pool. Large and round shaped filters are available in three different types- Sand, Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (DE). But which is the most appropriate for which pool? There are different sizes and different brands to choose from.

Most users prefer sand filters as they have a record of removing nearly 40 % microns of the debris. Anything less than that is not possible to remove by any filter medium. The sand filter is also called as 'bullet proof filter'. They can be cleaned weekly, during swimming season. The maintenance work is referred as 'backwashing'. The clean water flows and the wastewater is dumped.

Swimming Pool Cartridge filters have paper-type cartridge. Some users find it difficult to maintain and are not as efficient as sand filters. Some manufacturers have enhanced the capability and they can be used as better filtering mediums. They can be used for at least five years. Prepared from polyester like material, they perform excellent filtering process, by holding the impure material until cleaned or replaced.

The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the most expensive filters with advanced features. They are like sand filters but use of powder makes them different. It has plastic grids covered with plastic fabric. The dirt water is poured in slurry into the skimmer, then coating the filter grids. Sometimes it is a better option than sand filters.

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