Swimming Pool Filters - Sand Or Cartridge - Which Should You Choose?

by Pool Builders on 05-31-2008 in Articles

When installing your swimming pool, the company installing it set it up together with all the parts supplied by the manufacturer. After the pool is set up in place, all you have to do during its life span is to keep it clean and change the filters when necessary. When you want to install a filter or change the existing one with a new one, you have two main options: an ordinary sand filter or a newer, cartridge filter. Both of them have benefits and negatives sides, all of which will be discussed in the following lines.

The pool accessory store has both types of water filters, sand filters and cartridge filters and choosing the most appropriate one for your swimming pool can be quite difficult.

Compared to normal sand filters, cartridge swimming pool filters cost only little more, but offer more functionality and features. By choosing a cartridge filter, you can also save water by not having to backwash it anymore. Also, the cartridge filter is finer than a normal sand filter, so the water reaching your swimming pool is cleaner and with less debris.

While the cartridge filter is denser than other water filters, this can be a problem if your swimming pool is situated under dense trees and you do not have a swimming pool cover. All the debris from the trees that fall into the pool will eventually clog the cartridge filter much faster than a normal, sand filter, forcing you to clean it at least twice a week. If this is your case, you will waste more water by cleaning and getting the debris out of the cartridge water filter and a lot more work is involved.

In this regard, a sand water filter may prove easier to maintain and clean between replaces. Backwashing a sand filter also requires less water then washing a cartridge filter and this process can offer you another month or so until the sand water filter requires a new backwash.

Cartridge water filters are more efficient if you have a covered swimming pool, as it cleans the water reaching it more thoroughly then a sand filter. However, if your pool is in your backyard, you may be better off with a traditional sand filter. You should take all the factors into consideration when deciding on the type of water filter you want to install in your swimming pool.

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