Swimming Pool Financing - How to Buy the Swimming Pool and Swimming Pool Slides of Your Dreams

by Pool Builders on 06-22-2009 in Articles

Have you ever wanted the perfect pool but didn't want to purchase it with cash or take out a home equity line of credit? If so, then you should consider swimming pool financing. Such financing has several advantages over traditional financing, and should be your first option when looking to finance the addition of a pool to your home for several reasons.

The main reason you should try to find financing specifically for your pool is because the loan will be possibly be much cheaper then a traditional home equity line of credit, and you will have more options with your interest rates. Most swimming pool loans can be either fixed or adjustable rate loans which is different than most HELOCs.

One of the reasons pool loans are more flexible is because lenders who specialize in pool loans will actually consider the addition of a nice pool (along with it amenities like swimming pool slides) as what it really is - something that adds value to your home. In addition, you may have the possibility of refinancing your home completely, and adding in the future value of the pool to the value of the loan, thus including your pool financing into your home mortgage.

So, if you want to buy a very nice pool with great pool slides, a diving board, and other amenities, then you should look into using swimming pool financing. Make sure the lender specializes in such financing, as there are several companies that do specialize in pool financing, since they will be better equipped to get you're the best loan possible. Obviously, don't finance more than you can handle, but you can discuss that with the lender.

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