Swimming Pool Fountains - More Than Decorations

by Pool Builders on 03-27-2010 in Articles

A childhood friend I have long lost touch with recently sent me an email through one of the websites I had my articles published on. He was actually surfing (combing through the net were his words) to find how he can add some "pizzazz" to their garden in time for his daughter's wedding. It was going to be a late afternoon wedding with the ceremony and the reception held at the same place... their garden.

Don't get me wrong, their garden was both sprawling and breathtakingly beautiful as it is with all the trees, flowers and shrubbery, which was probably why the bride and groom to-be chose it as their venue, but it did lack the "pizzazz" or the magical and romantic fairy-tale ambiance I believe the couple and the bride's parents were looking for. Without it, the place would be just that... a beautiful garden.

After reading my article about how I have been a pseudo "exterior" designer, my friend thought I should see their garden personally so I could suggest what needs to be added to achieve the look they were aspiring for.

When I got to their place I immediately knew what was missing... pool fountains. They seriously need at least two considering the size of the space, so it really is swimming pool fountains.

Swimming pool fountains coupled with some mood lighting especially during the reception, would transform the place into a magical and romantic setting, perfect for the fairy-tale wedding the couple wanted to have.

Since the garden did not have an in-ground pool, I suggested installing above-ground pool kits and to make it look like massive medieval fountains instead of an ordinary pool with swimming pool fountains. My friend agreed to have three swimming pool fountains to balance it with the size of the space, so we needed three above-ground pool kits as well. They were to be placed strategically where the reception and the wedding ceremony were to be held, plus one would be by the entrance to set the romantic tone right upon the guests' entry.

After we have decided on the number, we next tackled the design. The internet was very helpful in showing what types of swimming pool fountains are available, where it is available and for how much.

You might be surprised to find out that there is a variety of swimming pool fountains available, from single tier to two tiers to three tiers. The patterns can also take on the shape of a lotus, a blossom, rain dance or multi-spray, among others.

Because we are getting three swimming pool fountains, we settled on a single, a double and a three-tiered type. The pattern is still to be decided on because the bride and groom to-be were indisposed to make the choices.

I can just see how these swimming pool fountains will make the wedding venue come alive. There is nothing like the sound created by a fountain to bring romantic drama to an otherwise quiet space.

Do you think I should suggest some swans or a wooden bridge over the water perhaps? Or are three swimming pool fountains enough for the magical and fairy-tale ambiance we hope to achieve?

We are installing the fountains a week before the wedding to try them out and to see if the locations we picked would be the best places to have them, so there should still be some time to get swans in case we decide we needed a coup d' gras on drama.

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