Swimming Pool Fun and Safety - 5 Things to Consider

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2009 in Articles

Its summer time and its hot outside.  A backyard swimming pool becomes your best friend this time of year.  To be safe and have fun, there are a few things to remember.

1.  Get some form of flotation device.  Its very important to have something to float on.  It will get boring really fast if you have nothing to fall off of or wrestle over.

2.  Make sure to wear sunscreen that is waterproof.  This doesn't sound fun at all.  My kids complain every time I spread the stuff all over them.  But kids and sunburns do not mix.  Neither do sunburns and parents.  So remember to wear it yourself.  Water magnifies the sun's rays that make skin burn faster.  Even if you do not feel it at the time you may still be burning.

3.  Now for the fun part.  Here is a really fun game simply called flip flop keep away.  A person gets in the middle of the pool.  The others take someone's flip flop shoe and they toss it back and forth to each other.  Keeping it away from the person in the middle of the pool.  When you have the flying shoe you have two seconds to throw it, before the middle person can try to get it from you.  And when the person in the middle gets the flying flip flop.  The person who threw it has to go to the middle of the pool.

This is so much fun when you just let loose and have a good time.

4. If you have a circular pool, its fun to make a whirl pool.  Have everyone go in the same direction for awhile.  This will create a challenging current to play in.  You can do this by yourself too.

5.  Make sure to have proper supervision for those who need help swimming.  Safety flotation devices are great but still require adult supervision.  Goggles are also great to use.  If you can swim under water it helps save your eyes.  And you can see better under water.  They now have some kinds of goggles that also help keep the water out of your nose.  That's always a plus when swimming.

So that is it.  Pretty basic, but if you follow these simple ideas you are sure to have a safe and fun swim. 

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