Swimming Pool Games - Spice Up Your Swimming Experience  

by Pool Builders on 11-14-2009 in Articles

There are a million things you can do in a swimming pool. When you are alone, it is best to relax. However, when you are with someone else or with a group, it is always fun to do something out of the ordinary. The most common thing to do is to perform laps and even race against your friends. This is a common game with some friendly competition.

Nonetheless, if you want to vary your swimming pool games, you should definitely try playing with a ball. This isn't just the regular throw and catch. There are actually games which can be more exciting. Apart from just doing this, you can incorporate sports or ball games such as basketball and volleyball. This can be pretty exciting especially if you have a lot of players. There are actually nets and hoops sold in toy stores for you to play with.

Apart from playing sports, you can just play role playing games where one of you acts like a shark. This game is considered as a modified tag, where you run around escaping from the sharks. This may be exciting since it is hard to move in water as opposed to running on land. Yet another exciting game is to play tug of war. Each group should stand at each side of the pool. The first one who falls into the pool will lose.

Another exciting game is a modified wrestling game. This is where two members of the whole group choose a partner to ride on their shoulders. The people on top will have to force the other two down. In short, there are various swimming games you can play in the pool. The best part about this is that you can create your own games, which everyone would like. Depending on what sparks your interests, there are many games which can spice up your swimming experience.

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