Swimming Pool Games for Kids  

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Swimming pools are a great way to keep kids active. Furthermore many children enjoy swimming, but it is a full-body workout. There are also many games that children can play in the pool, which provides structure and longevity for their activities. A round of Marco Polo, for example, can keep three or more children occupied all night.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the most popular games that may be played in a swimming pool. It's a simple game, and can be also played by just two players. Within this game, one of the players, closes his eyes or perhaps is blindfolded. He waits till a particular count is over.

By this time, another players scatter around within the pool. After the count has ended, the blindfolded player swims around and attempts to tag any other player. He's allowed to locate the other players only by their voice. To be able to guess their location, he cries 'Marco', that all the other players reply by shouting 'Polo'. This continues till they can tag another player, who's then blindfolded and made to catch another player, and so forth.


One member of they volunteers to be the 'catcher'. He swims to 1 side of the pool and stands together with his back turned towards the remaining players. The other players meanwhile choose a color each. After sometime, the catcher confirms if each one has chosen a color. Then he calls out one with his back still for the rest of the team. The player using the color called out by the catcher needs to swim across the pool to another side as quietly as you possibly can. If the catcher hears any one swimming, he needs to turn around and tag the swimmer before he swims off to the other end of the pool.

Donut Float Race

Farmville is best played in long pools. The players sit on a donut float, and also at the whistle, have to start swimming and get to the other end. This game is for two players or even more.

Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt

Strewing some things in the water, that settle at the end of the pool, and asking kids to retrieve them randomly, is an enjoyable game for youngsters. This very simple game can be created more interesting for teenagers by dividing the players into two groups, and creating a separate list of items that people in each group have to collect. Ensure that each item is present in pairs. Their email list could be made so that both specimens of an item can be found in the list, while certain items might be deliberately left out. This will increase the fun of the game, as often, players will collect objects this is not on the list and will have to dive back. While deciding on the items it should be remembered to not choose objects with sharp or pointed edges.


This is actually a very enjoyable game which will pull even the most bored child into the pool. In this game, a 2-liter bottle needs to be filled with pool water. The bottle must have a white cap, or perhaps a cap of the same color because the floor tiles of the pool. Any wrapper or sticker around the bottle has to be removed. Players are divided in to two teams. Each team is arranged at each end of the pool, using their faces turned away from the pool. A grownup, or one of the players who sticks out of the pool, throws the bottle within the water. On hearing the splash, players turn around and try to retrieve the bottle. Even though it sounds a pretty simple game, the issue lies in the fact that it is very hard to locate the bottle because it is devoid of any marking that will reveal its location on the ground of the pool. Remember, only expert swimmers could dive and bring the bottle (or any other things) from the bottom from the pool, as they have to hold their breath longer.


You might throw some coins in to the pool and ask the kids to create them back. For expert swimmers, you might set the rule they should collect at least two coins before you take a breath. If there are several children, you might declare that whoever collects the utmost number of coins will be the winner. You may also arrange relays for older children. Simple pool games help improve the swimming skills and stamina, because the capacity of the lungs improves with exercise.

London Bridge is Falling Down

Two players stand it the water holding each other's hands high above their shoulder level forming a 'bridge'. Another players are then required to walk underneath the bridge one by one. Every time a player passes underneath the bridge, the bridge is lowered. Eventually players have to swim under the water to cross the bridge. Such swimming games help strengthen the agility from the kids. They help build cohesion and improve the concentration and coordination from the kids.

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