Swimming Pool Heater - How Important is a Swimming Pool Heater?

by Pool Builders on 07-27-2008 in Articles

It is ultimately your decision whether you decide to use a swimming pool heater to heat your pool or not. It is a great idea though for many reasons. Swimming pools have many different uses and are not just for summer fun. Most of us would love to be using our swimming pool for exercise, socialization, skinning dipping (for married couples only!), and relaxation. If you live in a climate that does not allow you to go past the last few good summer days with your pool use, then using a swimming pool heater is the perfect way to get a few extra months at the end and beginning of your swimming pool season.

So if you have already decided that a pool heater is necessary for you, then the next decision is what type of heater you should choose. This will depend on your needs, budget, and how your pool is designed. There are different types of swimming pool heaters for all types of pools and budgets.

You could go with the environmentally safe solar heater and bring your swimming pool up into the 80 degree range pretty easily. The great part about this type of heater is that the air can be cold, but if the sun is out and bright you will still be able to heat your pool. Some say that a spell of cold weather will drop your pool temperature with a solar heater, but that is only true if the sun is not out and shining.

You can use a heat pump pool heater and get your swimming pool up between 80 and 90 degrees as well. This is a great heater for those that are serious swimmers or the athletes that use their pool for therapy or exercise. This can actually give you access to your pool year round even if the air is cold you will have a well heated pool to dip into.

Another option, although very expensive now, is a gas heater. These are quite expensive to purchase and as we all know gas is not cheap right now so they are expensive to run as well. They do heat your swimming pool very quickly and are great when time is an issue like if you are having a pool party.

The gas heater is a great option for a pool that is only used a few times a year or month. They are great for pools at vacation homes or that are used for parties from time to time because they can get the temperature up very quickly and, then, when you are finished you can leave it off so that you do not waste your money.

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