Swimming Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 07-23-2009 in Articles

Some people may think that a swimming pool heater is of no use to them because they live in a very warm climate, but often these are the pool owners who can benefit most from having a heater, making the swimming season two, and sometimes three times longer than before. Without a swimming pool heater, the water can cool considerably while the days are still quite warm, but a heater will let pool owners enjoy their investment many more days out of the year. There are three types of swimming pool heaters: electric, gas, and solar.

Electric swimming pool heaters run the water past heated coils and pump it back into the pool. While an electric pool heater is often more expensive in up-front costs, it is often less expensive to operate than a gas heater. With an electric swimming pool heater, the water will take longer to heat up, but once it is warm, it is less expensive to keep it warm.

Gas powered pool heaters do a great job of warming up a pool quickly, so they're a good option when keeping a pool heated for long periods of time is not necessary. This is good for vacation houses, or for special pool parties after the "unheated" swimming season is over.

Solar pool heaters are very energy efficient, but are expensive to install. The solar panels need to have approximately the same surface area as the surface area of the pool. To maximize efficiency of solar pool heaters, running the pump constantly on warm days and shutting it off on cooler or cloudy days will help.

With any type of pool heater, a pool cover is a very wise investment. A good insulating pool cover can cut heat loses by up to half when used properly.

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