Swimming Pool Heaters - What to Consider With Swimming Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 09-04-2008 in Articles

Are you in the market for a swimming pool heater for either an in ground pool or an above ground pool? Do you need to know what your options are and what you can consider to use for your heating needs? There are three major options to consider and all of them do the job, but to a different level. Here is what you need to know.

There is an electric type of heater, well many types, but the main idea is that it warms your pool while raising your electric bill and causing you to hate your decision. However, this is a great heater if used only during the night hours and only for a few hours at night to maintain the temperature of the water.

Also, you have the gas heater, which is known to drain your budget and waste a lot of gas. It comes with a hefty price tag, but is great for heating a pool very fast. If you have vacation home or barely use your pool, then this is a good choice because it can get you in the mid 80s within a couple hours. This is great for parties and vacation homes.

The best choice is the solar swimming pool heater because it is inexpensive and does not run up your bills. Sure it uses a bit of electricity, but not that much. Plus you can put it on a timer to shut off when the sun is too low to heat the tubing. This is the best choice for swimming pool heaters especially if you also use the electric heater at night.

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