Swimming Pool How to Guide - 7 Pool Maintenance Tips

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2009 in Articles

A guide to ensure your pool is well maintained:

Swimming Pool How to tip #1 - Maintain proper water balance
Buy your own swimming pool test kit to ensure your pool's chlorine levels, pH levels and alkalinity are always optimal. In addition, shock your pool on a weekly basis. This is your basic line of defense against unsafe pool water.

Swimming Pool How to hint #2 - Care of sand filters
A sand filter is the most common type of filter and they can trap particles from 20-100 microns in size. Sand filters require weekly back flushing.

Swimming Pool How to hint #3 - Care of cartridge filters
Cartridge filters tend to perform better than sand filters because they can catch even smaller particles, are low maintenance (they can be taken out and cleaned with a garden hose twice a swimming season) and are relatively inexpensive.

Swimming Pool How to hint #4 - Care of DE filters
DE (diatomaceous earth) filter. These are the best-performing filters as they can trap particles as small as 2-5 microns in size. Like sand filters, they require back washing, and also need DE powder to be reapplied after washing.

Swimming Pool How to hint #5 - Prevent algae from growing
The growth of algae will render your pool unusable, so make sure your chlorine levels never dip below 1.0 ppm and add a small amount of anti-algae agents on weekly basis.

Pool Maintenance Tip #6 - Keep your pool debris and stain-free.
To remove harmful debris that can carry bacteria and clog your filter, skim your pool at least twice a week and keep skimmer baskets clean. Clean your pool wall/tile at water level to prevent staining.

Pool Maintenance Tip #7 - Taking good care of your pump
Keep the pump free of debris and never spray or drip any lubricant around the pump or motor.

Following this swimming pool how to guide will help you to be well on your way to saving money and time in your regular pool maintenance and avoid difficult and costly repairs down the road.

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