Swimming Pool Installation  

by Pool Builders on 10-14-2013 in Articles

A Swimming Pool allows people to enjoy their leisure time in a healthy way. Swimming Pools are available in vast range of designs which can be installed at affordable prices. The size of the pool depends upon the requirement and the available space. A Swimming Pool Installation should be done according to ground size. However, the depth is usually kept half up the skimmer. Here are a few simple tips that should be kept in mind before beginning a Swimming Pool Installation -

  • Type Of Pool -There are three types of pool âEUR" concrete, fiberglass and vinyl lined.
    • Concrete Pools are custom built pools which can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. It generally takes more time to install than other types but is considered the strongest and most durable. Existing Concrete Pools can also be remodeled, modernized and enlarged unlike other pool types. A Concrete Swimming Pool requires a complex kind of construction unlike the liner pool. In a concrete pool, the walls serve as the waterproof membrane. Therefore, it is very important to take the assistance of a professional to install a Concrete Pool.
    • Vinyl Lined Pools are formed from preformed flexible liner. They have the lowest initial cost as compared to the other two types. They last between 7-15 years with higher lifetime cost. They are also flexible in terms of size but have a low resale value. Sharp objects should be avoided as it can puncture the liners.
    • Fiberglass Pools are factory molded with lower flexibility in design and shape. They can be installed much faster than any other pools. They also have a higher initial cost.
  • Pricing-The cost of installing may vary depending upon the type of pool, region, soil condition, accessories, circulation system, and lastly the size and shape of the pool. Concrete Pools are usually the most expensive followed by vinyl lined pools and finally the fiberglass pools.
  • Zoning LawsâEUR" Swimming Pools are also subject to zoning and building regulations like any other construction project. These rules differ from area to area; therefore it is necessary to take the necessary approval before any kind of Swimming Pool Installation.
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