Swimming Pool Lights - A Different Experience

by Pool Builders on 04-18-2012 in Articles

People like to swim, even if it is in a swimming pool and the enjoyment of taking a dip can be extended at night. But for safety reasons many are limited to swimming at night. This is especially true for children since taking a dip in the pool at night is not ideal as many problems can happen. In most cases, many often have difficulty seeing in the dark let alone see what others are doing. But the existence of swimming pool lights can make it possible for adult and children to swim at night.

To prevent any accidents in the pool especially on the swimming bath deck, a homeowner will need to shine light fully around the pool area and its outer surrounding. Giving light to this place ensures the safety of every individual who are taking a dip. At the same time, it provides the convenience to walk around the sides of the phone and in the swimming pool deck.

In addition, the lights can make your natatorium look stunningly beautiful. This can be useful when you intend to create a romantic vibe all throughout the night.

They can also give added excitement to the swimmers. Having lights on the swimming pool is a must-have for homeowners who want to make their evening swimming special.

Lights catered for the pool are available in various colours, shapes and sizes. These days, pool lights underwater have plenty of advantages to offer making them relatively easy to use as lights. Some pool lights underwater have a power switch so you have the option to turn them off when you are not planning to use your lap pool.

You can also take a look at other kinds of pool lights underwater that can automatically change colours to give an added effect experience in your swimming lap. The different lighting effect are installed in various part of the swimming pool that gives you that feeling of swimming in a different surrounding while you are on the water.

The Nitelighter aboveground swimming pool lights valued at $70 are economical lights to have around. It has a uniquely patented reflector designed for maximum lighting. One light is very sufficient to be illuminated on any aboveground swimming pool. It has the following features:

• chemical resistant lens
• with fuse overload protection
• a 28 ft. Cord (including transformer and plug)
• Powers at 35 Watts
• Tested to UL Standard 676 and Certified by ETL
• Will not interfere with water return.

The Challenger Nova Floating swimming pool lights are valued at $79. They consist of the following features:

• illuminates your pool with up to 8 hours of glowing light
• can work in all types of pools, as well as lakes and ponds
• is specially-designed with plastic shell that will not fade in direct exposure to sunlight or pool chemicals
• with LED lights that can last up to 100,000 hours
• comes complete with rechargeable batteries and charger

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