Swimming Pool Location - What's Right for Your Backyard

by Pool Builders on 02-04-2011 in Articles

Location for your backyard oasis is key and we will outline some specific reasons and basic rules that should be followed in order to assure your end result is solid in every way. Having a plan laid out ahead of time is invaluable and will save you and your builder from the dreaded change order. Yes it is dreaded due to the fact that certain aspects of the project happen in sequence and changes are sometime costly and difficult to make happen.

The first thing a new pool owner needs to decide is what exactly do you want to use you backyard environment for. Large family gatherings or quite times alone, there are quite a few factors that play a part in the grand scheme of things. I've built hundreds of swimming pools over the years and every style and shape imaginable. After all that experience one of the first questions to ask a potential client now is who is going to be using it and what type of activities would you like to be using it for. With pertinent information gathered it's time then proceed to a size an shape and look for a position in the backyard of the property that will enable you the customer to get all the benefits out of your pool that you desire. Now let me warn you here most times there are trade off's. Water run off or sun and shade issues play a large roll in the final positioning of the pool.

In recent years the total backyard fully landscaped project pool has become the norm. To make this happen seamlessly the use of computer graphics really brings to life the entire finished area before the start any excavation. Elevations and water run off are two of the most important factors of a sound installation and should always be considered first and foremost. Secondly the ground water and saturation index are key, hey lets face it we want solid foundations for you structure to sit on. Once these items have been addressed and worked out its time to talk about sun and shade.

Yes we need both sun and shade to make this backyard oasis come together to fit everyone's needs. We need to look at which way the sun will rise and set, also if there are existing shade trees in the area that could be used or need to removed. Next you will want to consider patio areas for those tables and chairs to accommodate those using the pool so all are made to feel comfortable. Now don't forget the locations of the sitting and sunning areas as well, it's extremely important to identify the splash zones around the pool in order for the fun to happen while allowing the sun bathers to relax.

Water features add tremendously to the look and feel of your pool environment. Rock waterfalls with there sounds are a soothing feature that should not be overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Many variations of these exist along with retaining walls and fire pit areas to keep everyone in the action. These accent pieces added to your final design specifically set your custom pool apart from all the others. Let's call it the WOW factor and it's just that, it becomes a place you want to hang out in and linger.

Finishing off the landscaping with plantings and mounding will create depth and texture. It is very important for your designers to give you the customer the feel and look you desire. Colors are also a key factor in the visual experience of the pool area as we go through the seasons. Spring to summer, summer to fall your colors should change thus giving you a rich full ever changing scene.

Another of our spectacular visual aids comes from the vanishing edge or negative edge pool system. this system creates a look like water is just falling off a cliff at the far end of your pool. It's truly a one of a kind look and again worked out the correct way with elevations taken in to account create a view that will really set you apart from the rest.

Don't forget the importance of your pool positioning ahead of your installation and now that you have a few of the factors laid out in front of you make sure to get all the ideas out on the table prior to ground breaking. Your pool builder should always look to find out the answer's to these important questions in order for your building project to exceed your expectations.

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