Swimming Pool Loungers

by Pool Builders on 01-29-2008 in Articles

As private swimming pools have become popular, there are various kinds of loungers available in the market. Some people like to lounge besides the pool. Mothers would do that while the kids are playing in the pool. Even when teenagers and adults use the pool, they provide a useful break. Sometime a quite evening can be spent sipping lemonade on the loungers along with a book. The concept of swimming loungers has increased the popularity and time spent on the poolside.

Swimming pool loungers are air-filled and act as seat as well as float on the water. With them an individual is capable to relax the body on water and take a clear sunbath. There are ranges of loungers that have been available at the market. Some pool loungers are long providing a complete body relaxation while some are short comprising three-fourth area of the body into it. Some loungers are available with arms while some are just floating mats. Some are scientifically designed loungers that keep in mind about the pressure points or acupressure of the body. Loungers are seat-like material that is utilized to sit back and relax. They are used differently in various locations. There are separate loungers used for beaches, in-side pools, outside the pool and for sunbathing.

Some of the loungers that are already available include: Palm Bay Lounge, East Spring lounge, floating lounger, captive lounge, deluxe lounge, Caribbean lounge, premium floating lounge, sofa island lounge, royal Hawaiian lounge, Sunchaser cushion, French oval lounger, Newport Elite lounge, Ensolite Chaise, VIP lounger, Oval longer and easy spring lounge.

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