Swimming Pool Loungers and Their Utility

by Pool Builders on 07-12-2009 in Articles

There are numerous types of swimming pool accessories, including Pool Loungers, Pool Floats, Water Loungers and Swimming Pool Floats.

* Fashion of the present day: Since the private swimming pools have become the fashion of the present time, the market is flanked with various kinds of loungers. Most people like to recline besides the pool. Mothers like to do that while their children are playing in the pool. Even when the pool is used by teenagers and adults, a useful break is provided by loungers. Sometimes you can also spend your evening by sipping lemonade on the loungers while reading an interesting book. The concept of swimming loungers has augmented the concept of spending time beside pool.

* Air filled tubes letting you float: Swimming pool loungers basically consists of air-filled tubes and act as seat as well as float on the water of the pool. While lying on a lounger an individual is able to relax his/ her body on water and take a nice and invigorating sunbath. There are a wide range of loungers which are available in the market. Some pool loungers are extremely long and thus they provide complete body relaxation while others are short and can only accommodate three-fourth area of the body into it. Some loungers are provided with arms while other consists of mere floating mats.

* Acupressure loungers: Few loungers are scientifically designed in order to keep the pressure points or acupressure of the body. Loungers are used in different locations and have myriad utilities like beaches, in-side pools, outside the pool and for sunbathing.

Various types of loungers include the following:

* Palm Bay Lounge
* East Spring lounge
* Floating lounger
* Caribbean lounge
* Sofa island lounge
* Royal Hawaiian lounge
* VIP lounger

The essence of the Motorized Loungers: They are made with state-of-the-art pool float features by using ultra-powerful motorized propellers (safely enclosed) which helps to speed you around the pool without any effort. There are independent joysticks to give you total steering control; there are also large armrests and built-in drink holder to provide you an ultimate comfort.

The ultimate finishing touch: Pool loungers basically provide a finishing touch in your pool. They are the apt things for helping you soak up the rays while surrounding water gives you an added joy. Loungers are available in a wide number of styles, shapes and sizes. You can thus have a wide option.

Designs and technique: There are pool loungers befitting every budget and desire. The more costly types comprise the embellishments like umbrellas and shading. There may also be heftier flotation devices like pontoons. But the simple decorated ones are also charming and quite under the reach of common man.

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